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Progressive Portable EMS

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Hey all,

A few years ago I saw someone give Progressive a bad review in regards to their warranty service. Last week my PT50C started making a very loud noise, much like a chain saw.  I contacted Progressive today, filled out a warranty claim form on their website, and within 2 minutes I received an email back stating they are sending me a brand new unit. I do not even have to send the old one back, they asked me to cut the cord off and recycle it.  I don't know how much better warranty service can be.

I just wanted to pass that along, thanks all and safe travels!

Oh, and my unit is 3 years old by the way.

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They obviously know the problem is on their end, probably a defective part that was used in the manufacture. Glad they are stepping up to stand behind their product. We have had the built in unit for about 12 years and have never had an issue. It has saved us from low voltage many times and once from an open ground at the pedestal. That last one could have been very devastating as the 50 amp system can apply 220 volts to 110 volt appliances when an open ground occurs.


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We were full-timing at a park about 3 years ago, bad storms came through and lightning hit in or near the park. Two fifth-wheels got fried, I heard the cost was around $10k to repair which likely totaled the rigs. I'm not saying that these will stop a direct lightning strike from causing issues, but it is worthwhile to me to have it connected to prevent major issues from spikes or low voltage issues. I have also gone to a park and it detected the wiring was incorrectly wired to the post. The manager said they had someone working on that post recently and I was the first one to camp there. I ran my cord to the next post over and was fine.

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