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Slide out gasket

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2003 Monaco windsor, 2 silde outs! The main slide gasket, (looks like a wiper blade) is new from the dealer, and on the back side it. I'm always finding it out of the channel about a foot or 2. Keep going up and popping it back in! Is there a trick??should I be glueing this? It used to pop out in the corner, then I glued it, Now it's on the side. Below the corner!! Just wondering the best way to repair this tired of going up there and fixing it!! Thanks Bruce

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On my main slide the steel clips inside the top gasket rusted away.  That's probably why it keeps popping out. 

Obvious a new gasket is the answer, but they cost money.  I'm not sure gluing it will hold, or create a different problem later. 

- bob


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