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Cables when generator is slid in touching exhaust


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Searched but haven't seen any relevant threads... I'm sure it's a easy fix, but when we slide our generator in, the cables/hoses that connect to the generator sit on the generator exhaust, we have to crawl under while it's being slid in and route the cables above a crossmember to keep it from melting on the exhaust... How are these lines held up to prevent this? Have tried zip tying them but obviously can't zip tie them in a way that prevents it from being slid out... 

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I have a Onan 8K generator on a slide.  There is a sling around the cables and fuel line with a spring that holds them up and carries them as the generator is extended or retracted.  I do not know if this is factory original or add by a PO, but it works very nicely.


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