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Anyone installed a Skylight in the front of the RV?

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So, I removed the old crank-up TV antenna from the roof.  It left two holes approximately 3" and 1 1/2" holes in the roof.   To cover the holes, I used Dicor to seal a cutting board (HDPE) that I got at the Dollar Store over the two holes.  Next, I plan to put Eternabond around the edges of the cutting board.  I figure this will last for a good while.

From there... it would be pretty easy to install a skylight to the top of the HDPE.  The skylight I found on Amazon looks like pretty good quality.  Has anyone tried something like this?  I think it would be really nice, in the mornings while the blinds are still closed, to have natural daylight wake up the room.  Here's a link to the one I have found:



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I came her to give my opinion on skylights and sunroofs, that in general they are a leak several years delayed. 🤣

However, since you already have a penetration that needs addressing, this does look like something that could be feasible.
It looks considerably smaller than I was thinking, and pretty easy to seal properly.

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