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Ride Height VS bag height 08 Endeavor

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On 11/7/2023 at 12:49 PM, 63Hotrod said:

Getting ready to replace a bad rear ride height valve

Our Tec info shows two measurements. I know how to measure ride height but what is bag height?

Unless you have a surface plate large enough to park your coach on, I suspect bag height is a more accurate way to set ride height.
I's basically the distance between the top and bottom plates the bags are mounted on, with the vehicle sitting on it's suspension in travel mode.

Side to side level is totally controlled by the rear bags, so those need to be set equal side to side.
The front has only a single ride height valve feeding both bags, so the vehicle just pivots around the front axle.
Measure the front bags and calculate the average.  Then set the ride height valve to the proper spec.

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