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Another season in the books😎

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Well everyone its well into fall, my trips for the year are done, what a great season of tramping across the country, there wasnt a whole lot of scheduled trips, but it was a great season runnin my rig. There were a couple 300 milers goin to nevada, 1 for family in that i spent a week with my older sister, and her daughters family, got locked out of the rv cause of the front door latch assy $@#! the bed, and had to tear it appart an make a bushing using some copper tubing sis had laying around.

From there drove to Oregon to see a buddie that finally retired. I just want to say that was the worst hangover in a Looooong time🤪😎

Then out to a local campground for fising, cooking, hanging with a very good friend, not much fishin, but had a lot of great conversations, an cooked several great meals.

Another adventure wife an i took our desert racer to the desert an ran it for a short bit🛻👍(thats another toy thats hard to not want to do more with)

After that, months later took that same retired buddie to South Carolina to volunteer at the Albino Skunk music festivul🤪where my friend got a glimpse of what retired life has to offer.

Into this afternoon cleaning, winterizing, then puttin all the stuff back in the rig so it can be stored for the oncoming winter😥

My bride an i have plans already to go to palm springs in january to follow a friend who is playing in a pickle ball tournament?

Hope your starting your 2024 plans now, an getting ready for a new year of fun an travel, for me im doing my maintaince now, so it will be a turn key oppertunity for the next page of getting away.😎😎😎

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