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Monaco Surge Tank Fabrication

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For those Monaco owners who have a plastic coolant surge tank, you may wish to fabricate or have fabricated, an aluminum surge tank to avoid potential cracking and age related issues resulting in coolant leaks and inconveniences.

Here is the video I did a few years ago showing the fabrication of my coolant surge tank on our 2003 Monaco Dynasty.


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Elite RV in Harrisburg Oregon removed my cracked plastic original tank and replaced it with this one.  Easier to see the coolant level. They did an excellent job.

Denny Wagaman

2011 Monaco Camelot DFT 43

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21 hours ago, olywrestle said:

Wish I had the welding skills like you Mike, since I don't, I opted for the c-low fab one. It was very high quality and quick turn around. 


Thank you.  I appreciate the comments.  I realize there are pre-fabbed ones available now but I just wanted to show those that have the capabilities that one could be built will a little time and materials.

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