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Heater Fan, Only on High

Dan B.
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It might only be the resistor pack that is bad.  Mine is mounted outside accessed through the generator slideout.  Passenger side up high, it is mounted in the plastic covering over the evaporator.   Looks like this  https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/ECHBR309

Check the Parts list for a picture and part number, can be bought at most auto parts store. 

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Heater blower repaired. BTW my part no. is Motorcraft D8BH-19A706-AB. I did find one on Ebay.

But in testing the resistor, I found that the thermal fuse had failed. All I did was purchase one (6 for $7.00) from Amazon. I removed the failed fuse and soldered in the new. The fuse is rated at 240C, 10A, 250V. Easy.

Thanks for your help - got me on the right track.







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