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Onan EC-AGS+, 50% Sale, Looking for Feedback

Bill R

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Onan is having a 50% sale on there website.  The EC-AGS+ automatic generator start is now only $207 on the Onan website.  My existing magnum AGS has never worked since I bought the coach.  Spent several phone calls with Magnum and they agree that it is kaput.  It is original, and not a surprise as many have failed that are that old.

Anyway, one option is to replace the Magnum AGS with the new version.  Thing is I will also have to upgrade my Magnum remote too.  Total cost for the new magnum AGS setup is around $450.

Does anyone have experience with the Onan EC-AGS+ that you can provide feedback on?   I have searched this forum and did not find anything with regards to performance of the Onan EC-AGS+.   Reading IRV2 threads, performance is all over the place from "it is so much better than Magnum" to "it has lots of problems".

At 50% off, it is tempting.  Buying something on sale doesn't make it perform any better.  Thank you for any comments or insights.

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Update to this post.  Moderators - Feel free to change the title of this thread, or if you would like I could start a new thread.

Great sale on ONAN products including AGS, 50% off till tomorrow if you are interested.   Promocode is YEAREND50

Anyway, I have decided to change my approach.  After thinking more of what I personally want for functionality is not an Automatic Generator Start, but rather a Remote Generator Start over WiFi.  And neither Magnum or Onan (only Bluetooth) currently offer this option.

I have found doing some research that there is a product that can be used as a remote start for the generator with some mods by adding a relay timer and then tying into the existing generator start wires that were used by the Magnum AGS.  It is the Victron Cerbo GX.  This product has other remote options I am interested in potentially adding.  Such as monitoring remotely your electrical system, batteries, solar, temps and other functions.  It can also be used in conjunction with your existing AGS.  Here is a thread on this.  https://www.irv2.com/forums/f103/generator-start-and-stop-via-web-cellphone-app-577894.html

Is anyone using the Cerbo GX?  What is your experience?  Any thoughts on going this route.

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