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Navigator 2005 PDQ 45' Victron 3000 Conversion. Charging Issues after Installation


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I just installed a Victron 3000 Watt inverter and it works perfectly on shore power, when running down the road it uses all the battery power in about 30 minutes. It requires me to start the generator to recharge the batteries. Shouldn't it run w/o the use of shore power or being plugged in to a 50 amp service? It seems it maybe a wiring problem?? I would love some feed back on this issue. BTW my house batteries have been checked and are in good order.

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Navigator 2005 PDQ 45' Victron 3000 Conversion. Charging Issues after Installation

Not and I say NOT an expert on the Victron.  However, there is probably some basic information that you can provide so that folks that are can help..

Before you installed the Victron, was the Inverter working properly?  The definition of "House batteries been checked and in good order" is the following.

The batteries were charged and drained two - three times. On the final drain and recharge, the "FULLY Charged" batteries had the Specific Gravity and the Voltage tested (recorded) and a battery State of Charge (SOC) chart was used to determine the REAL SOC.

Deep cycle batteries can NOT be "Checked" or have a Load Meter test them. It is ONLY a function of what the Recharged (less taking off the surface charge) Specific Gravity and Voltage.

Here is a "HOW TO and WHY" file.  This works for flooded or AGM's.  There is another way, but it is based on the same principle. You drain and recharge....then you calculate the "minutes under a specific load...usually 5 - 10%" to reach a certain discharge state....say 50%. 

Before I went crazy and started doing things to the wiring and such that may NOT be the issue, I would park the unit.  Get a $20 Quartz Halogen light from Lowes. 


This is a 500 Watt unit...or it will draw about 40 amps of DC power.  You monitor the BATTERY VOLTAGE (VOM on the Batteries...NOT depending on a remote meter) and then go down to around 11.9 VDC.  When you remove the load, the voltage will rebound or pop back to around 12.05 or so...  Then you recharge.  Take the batteries down to that 2 or 3 times....and once they are fully recharged again...  KILL the SHORE...  Then to remove the surface charge, you turn on a few exhaust fans.  You can use the Victron remote or the VOM on the batteries.  You want the voltage to be around 12.73.  THEN, you disconnect the Jumpers and test each battery...Obviously, use the 6 VDC Chart.  Also the Specific Gravity. 

This is the ONLY way to determine if they are "checked and in good order".  They do NOT need to be perfect as in 100% SOC.  As long as they are around 80% or more, they are "good", but not like new and many people use 80% SOC batteries for years.

That's the DEAL.....  Do that....then see how good your batteries are.  If they don't pass the test, then that is the issue....

BTW....here is a link to the Trojan User's guide....it is well worth reading....


Good Luck.  Run the tests and then post....

NEXT QUESTION...  Turn OFF or pull the SHORE.  Then start the engine. You SHOULD hear the Big Boy go CLUNK. That means it is engaged. The BIg Boy should be HOT (as in you can't wrap your hand around it) and it should be vibrating or loudly humming. On the Dynasty and UP, the Big Boy gets a longer "Pulse" of it runs at a coil voltage (measured...but this is a PULSED signal) around 8 VDC...  If your Big Boy ain't working....then that is a WHOLE different trouble shooting exercise.

Knowing the the Big Boy is WORKING and the SOC of your batteries is something that is needed.....a fundamental need....then folks that are Victron experts should be able to chime in.

Now...maybe there is a magic bullet...but if you do NOT know if the Big Boy Bidirectional charging system is working nor the SOC or the condition of your battery...I would not be able to assist in determining if you had a problem with the old inverter....  The Victron is a special breed of cats...but it works the same as the OEM, except it doesn't have all the Gee Whiz features....so it needs the SAME charging system as the original....and a good set of batteries....


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