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Manual slide retraction procedures - 2004 Camelot

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I have a 2004 40' PDQ. I'm looking for info on how to manually retract the slides in the event they stop working. Just planning ahead.

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There are instructions to open and close the slides. There are 4 slides in this RV. The manual gives procedures how to close the bedroom slide.  You raise the bed, remove motor cover and loosen a bolt to allow the slide to be pushed in from the outside. You can assume the procedure would be the same on the other three. However, the front slides are much larger, and I guess you can loosen the bolt from below, but you would need a large group of people to push these in. Perhaps a large adjustable wrench below would work. That is my thought. The forth slide, passenger side is the smallest. I had a problem with this slide not working once. Turning off all power, waiting 10 minutes and turning the power back on seemed to get it working again. I've been told this slide has 2 motors and mush be in sync to open and close properly. Access to motors  comes from removing the covers. One is in the battery box, the second is over the rear wheels. It would seem you may need to remove the rear wheels to allow access to the cover. Other than the one reference I have no information on manual retraction procedures. Was looking for info and maybe someone that had this type of problem.

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