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Ambassador Passenger Switches Relocation

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On my 2006 Ambassador there was a 4 Button panel on top of the passenger console. 2 of the buttons that we frequently used while parked were the Storage Lights and Step Lights. I hated digging through the curtain or having to step up and in to turn those on. So I created a switch panel to relocate them to the front of the console. Since it is curved I could not use a flat panel without it looking awkward. These fit the Carling Contour V switches.

After tracing the cutout needed I cut the leather back, and started using a dremel to cut. I switched up and used an oscillating tool to finish cutting fiberglass as it was much thicker than I expected it to be. I did have to extend the wiring for the panel lits over just because of the way they had it jumpered between the switches. Luckily they left plent of wire that it reaches easily. 

I have put the 3d printer stl file in the downloads section for others that may want it.





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