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In Search of Penguin II Control Board

Bill R

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This Spring I will be changing out the old REAR DuoTherm A/C with a new Penguin II.   My FRONT A/C unit was installed by PO and is a Penguin II, but it has the control board conversion so it can work in conjunction with the REAR DuoTherm and 5 button Thermostat.  After I install the new Penguin II, I will be upgrading to the MicroAir Thermostat that works with the Penguin II units. 

I will need to replace the FRONT A/C conversion board.  So I am in search of anyone who might have a spare Penguin II control board they do not need or are willing to sell?

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I realize I should have provided a little more detail.  This is the DuoTherm Penguin II 13,500 BTU Heat Pump model 651815.  I know I can buy this control board online but was hoping someone had recently changed theirs out and just had the old unit to discard.  Anyway, giving it a try.  Part number I was given by Dometic was 3312022.000.

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