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Lippert automatic steps issue after tire blowout.

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I had a blowout in the front right steer tire on my 2008 Holiday Rambler Navigator. A small bit of tire fragment must have tore a couple wires out that interact with my Lippert steps. Since the tire blow-out I've had to manually attached the grey wire to the bottom bolt in the picture of the wheel well. This closes the steps. If the wire is not attached it leaves the stairs out.

My step switch just inside the door of the coach doesn't work any longer. I believe the previous owner replaced the steps at some point because the sticker on the underside of the assembly shows a date of manufacture in 2018. The grey wire was an extended piece of wire off another white wire. I *think* the two loose wires in the pic were both attached to the bottom of the two bolts in the picture. The door sensor no longer works to operate the stairs, nor the switch. The motor sounds fine in operation and retracts and extends fully otherwise. I'm scratching my head.


The steps and switch control worked flawlessly before the tire blowout.


Please see the attached pictures for an idea of what's I'm dealing with.

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Do you have a schematic of the electrical wiring for the steps? It is dependent on the shape of the controller box as the newer box could be different. The old controller was square and the new controller is square but with one corner stretched out (that is my best description). Look online on Lippert.com if you would like to see the shapes. Alternatively, post a pic of the controller you have. 
I have a copy of the new controller and can share that. 
I found Lippert’s customer support to be very helpful an am sure they could help you figure this out. 

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