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Kenwood Radio KVT-719DVD Power Wire Connector Plug (34)

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We recently bought our 2008 Monaco Dynasty Diamond iv.  Short history, right before picking it up, the previous owner had a theft of the original Kenwood KVT-719DVD deck.  They were somehow able to get a replacement new in box.  Luckily the wiring wasn't cut or anything.  The new one has a newer (main) cable connection to the big receiver unit unfortunately, so I will have some additional work swapping the receiver out with all the wiring.

The only remaining question is the power wiring harness to the old deck is gone.  From some wiring diagrams, I think I have confirmed that this big white plug numbered 34 must have joined up with the power wire harness to the deck.  There are actually 8 wires going to it, but the radio deck only needs three (red, yellow, ground).

Can anyone confirm that is what this plug was for?  Also, because there are 5 additional wires that would not be used, is it possible those were extra wires in this harness used for other options or something that we don't have?  




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Without knowing specifically (specifics requires a schematic or lots of time to reverse engineer with a multimeter all of the connections)

I would assume there are speaker leads AND power leads.  And yes, typically Ground (typically black), Red (constant power typically) and Yellow (key on power typically).  Plus a Reverse (maybe blue?) wire.

But you really have to know and confirm with a multimeter what does what.  Don't just match up colors because it's really common NOT to follow the above convention.  Look downstream if there is any printing on those wires to indicate function.

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Yes.  Actually all those other wires are part of the main wiring harness that connects into the receiver module (some apparently refer to that as the "hideaway box").  Those are for all the speakers, amps, reverse, etc.  Those aren't part of this plug for sure.

This white plug that is numbered 34 is like a lot of the other wiring plugs I am seeing throughout the bus, that are not associated to the audio electronics.

But on some of the wiring schematics I downloaded off this site, I saw the connector 34 there, and it referenced the three wires as providing this power.  I feel confident that will work for my needs.  I was just curious about the other 5 wires that are coming to that plug and suspect they are extras, just not used in our rig.

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