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Bedroom Monitor "white-screen"

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The Bedroom Monitor displays only a "white-screen" when the Aladdin is turned on but the dash monitor works OK.   The label on the back of the bedroom monitor shows "LCM-702R";  the  data card  for the coach lists "TRISTAR    LCM-702R" .    Presumably it is part of the coach's "See-Vision" system.  

I checked the Aladdin box under the dash.  Two cables plug in to its RCA jack outputs.   If I remove the cable which I think is going to the rear, that screen goes dark.  So it looks like the video signal to the rear is coming from that output.   Moved the cable coming from the front monitor to that output jack and it shows the output is good.

Bedroom Monitor has a DIN 8-pin connector which presumably passes power and video.  I removed the shelf from the wall cabinet in the bedroom where the monitor is mounted and found a male 8-pin DIN connector plugged into a Female DIN.   That short cable to the monitor has DC power wired in to it.    

My preliminary diagnosis is that the monitor is likely bad, but it could be that something is affecting the video signal between Aladdin and the rear.   If it was just an RCA connector that would be easy to check but I don't have an adapter from the DIN to anything else.    My wiring diagram book shows a different monitor (Panasonic CYV7500U) with what looks like RCA connectors so that's no help.

Has anyone repaired or replaced one of these?  Does anyone have the wiring for the Tristar  LCM-702R?  Suggestions please.

Rick P, 05 Sig

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