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Dana Spicer drum size

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Hello friends, I am in the process of ordering Centramatic wheel balancers for my 2005 Signature Chateau IV and they have asked a question to which I can't find an answer in any of my manuals or spec sheets. 

They are recommending the balancers on all axles and need to know the size of the brake drum on the Dana Spicer axle on the tag.
Apparently they can be either 15.5" or 16". I called a DS parts dealer and they were no help.

Thank you for your help!


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Did you ever find out your drum size? I got the 16.5" and they are hitting the valve stem. The drum says 165 so I assumed it was a 16.5", I was wrong I think, anyway the ones I have are going back. I have a 2002 Windsor 40 PST. Can anyone else chime in?

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Centramatic says I have the right part, 820B. But I must bend the valve stem to clear the wheel balancer. I spoke with the tech and he said they do it all the time. The balancer must not touch the valve stem or it could wear a hole in it over time as it (the valve stem) is made of brass and is chromed. The tire shop wouldn't install them so I will do it this weekend.

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