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More Chassis AC Evaporator Questions

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The chassis AC in my 97 Dynasty has not worked properly for about 5 years now.  I have been to multiple shops and have spent over 5k trying to fix it but it still has the same problems that I first encountered all those years ago.  Basically, when you get freon added it only holds for a few days and then the compressor won't even spin.  I know that there is a pretty good size leak somewhere, but the paid professionals have not been able to find it.

Upon my inspection yesterday, (several times dye has been added to the freon) I found what I think is a leak from the evaporator.  However, I am not sure so I wanted to get some advice here.  I used a UV flashlight and glasses and found a glowing yellow spot on what I think is the AC evaporator thru a hole in the bottom of the plastic box that contains the AC and heater core in the generator compartment on the passenger side.  Here is a picture of the box:


Here is what I saw using the UV flashlight (it lights up more with the yellow glasses on).


I also purchased an electronic freon detector.  I turned the sensitivity up and pushed it near the yellow area and it did indeed go off.

Now for my questions...  Could this be antifreeze (heater core is also in the box)?

Next, how difficult is it to remove this box??  Looks like lots of lines going in and out of it.  Saw another post recently by Lake Bob and saw that he removed his, but one of the responses spoke about how it was not for the faint of heart...

Lastly, the plastic housing box has 2 rectangular holes at the bottom.  Is this normal, or are these supposed to be able to close the outside air?  I always assumed that "Max AC" would shut off the outside air and recirculate the air from the inside to make it cooler.


Thanks for any suggestions or advice!!


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Thanks for the info Tim.  I just wanted to make sure that antifreeze was not what I was seeing.

Would you have any idea where to find a guide or steps that show how to remove that box to get to the evaporator coil?

I really want to get the dash AC working again as we live in Texas!!


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