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Window Seal/Gasket

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Plan on fixing a couple windows that are fogged on my 2005 HR Ambassador.  Took one out to inspect and see (what looks like) a gasket (or seal) built into the window frame. Would like to make sure I change everything to avoid a leak.  Does any have knowledge if this gasket can be changed or additional material should be added upon reinstallation?



Joe V

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I redid 3 windows in 2015, still holding good.  Here's a post I did on IRV2 https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/dont-wait-too-long-246255.html

I had a seal that was attached to the outside of the frame.  I was able to remove the window without damaging the seal and just went back with it.  I did put a bead of the Geocel caulk around the window after I had it back in place and tight. 

In 2019 I also pulled the window above the dinette table to bring a residential fridge in, put right back in place and reused seal without a problem. 

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I had some windows defogged a year ago and on most the seals were fine to be reused. One the passenger front window the seal was removed and they used a butyl bead in place of it. On 2 other windows we had serious leaks and these had to be caulked around the top and sides. 
When in doubt about the seals, use the butyl bead or caulk it. The butyl is not cheap and not too easy to find. The beads come in didd sizes and make sure that the one you get is correctly sized for the task. You will get some squeeze out that is easily trimmed with a Harbor Freight scraper. 

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