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Keyless entry pad and key fob dead.

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My, new to me, 2006 Monaco Signature has power locks on the bay doors, a keyless entry pad near the door and a key fob.
Non of which seem to work. 
There does not seem to be a switch anywhere in the coach that can manually lock and unlock the bays.
I went out to reprogram the keyless entry pad using the info from the coach manual. Mine is the horizontal one, not the one in the bottom of the grab bar.
Guess what. It doesn't do anything. No beeps, no lock, factory reset does nothing. Key fob lights up but also has no effect.
Is there a fuse I should check?  And where is the control box for this?



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Can you attach a pic of your entry pad?  My controller is under the passenger console where the cup holder and storage box is.

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I hope you solve this as my 2006 Signature also has “dead” door numbers.  
Same, I read the manual twice, no help. 

I do have a FOB, but only one and not certain how I get a second one. 
I did not find a fuse, but will look again. 
I doubt a fuse issue since my FOB works perfectly on all locks. 

Small toggle switch above the ignition key is the deactivation security switch. 
I did find write up on that switch use, if you need it. 

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I had the same issue with my 2001 Signature which we bought around 2016.  I ended up buying the KE-1704 from Essex Electronics, Inc. (800-keyless / Keyless.com). I cannot remember what I paid for it back then, but I will tell you that it was one of my best buys. We use it all the time. Unlocks the doors and all of the bay doors. 


It was easy to install and was a direct fit into the existing keypad hole.  Programming was easy and existing key fob worked without reprogramming (as I recall).  Our electronics was located below the passenger cup/switch rest against the wall (as Bill pointed out). You access the back of the keypad from that compartment as well.


I haven't checked to see if they're still in business. Hopefully they are. Good luck...malcolm 



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John my 06 Dynasty does the same thing every once in awhile. The keyless entry system always has power to it even when the battery cut offs are off so it never gets reset. If you go in the front run bay below the driver’s window and pull the two 15 amp fuses marked DS act and PS act for a 30 seconds or so it will reset the system and possibly work just fine. Give it a shot.

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