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We have a 2023 Dometic Penguin 2 13,500 BTU A/C and heat pump for sale.  Only installedd since Nov. 9, 2023 to May 23,2024.  However we only used it as an A/C as we use the furnace for heat so it basically has been used for the months of April and May 2024.  Includes a soft start. $1200.

We are fulltimers and had to replace the front A/C last summer (waiting from July to Nov to get an A/C!) and this year when both the middle A/C and bedroom A/C decided to quit, instead of replacing them with Dometics we put in a mini split A/C in the bedroom ceiling.  Therefore we have the six month old Dometic A/C for sale as the new mini split cools the entire MH.

The picture is from when we bought the unit from Amazon so it needs the new 10 button control.

We also have a soft start from the middle A/C for sale for $175. (we are keeping one soft start as a spare as we also have a soft start on the A/C in our trailer which is now Larry's shop.)


We are in Phoenix, AZ, not a good place to be in the summer! but it is what it is as Larry can no longer go above 3500 ft.

13.5 HP for Sale.jpg

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It was very complicated and took over two weeks to do as we ran into all kinds of problems with Monaco's installation of the original A/C's.  The outside unit is mounted on the back bumper that originally had our Motorcycle rack mounted to (Larry made and welded the frame for the outside unit) and the inside unit is in the bedroom ceiling where the old A/C came out.  We had to have a certified HVAC fellow come out and hook up the copper tubing and electrical as well ( it is 240 volts) as put in the refrigerate for the 10 year warranty to be effective.  The next problem was getting the cold air down our narrow hallway into the living area and right now we are using a tall fan in the hallway that has to be moved every time we go down the hall.  Larry is "redoing" the bad old front A/C to make it a return fan only to hopefully get the cold air into the living area  more effectively without having to move a fan every time we go down the hall!  Today it is 105IMG_2055.thumb.jpeg.2b3a0b0ee3f5d5a10a508f1ff8ba5308.jpegIMG_2075.thumb.jpeg.3653c639b850aefe837adaa63bfa3b3a.jpegº outside and 79º inside in the living room area, and 76º in the bedroom.


Sorry I didn't reply earlier as I didn't see the notification and I'm not very computer savvy!


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