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Connecting ABS fitting to Holding Tank

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The fitting from my gray tank to valve cracked and my repair only lasted 6 months so I pulled the 3" to 1 1/2" concentric adapter from the tank that was glued to elbow and attached to the dump valve.  The adapter was attached via a white sealant of some type with two hose clamps around it.  I am trying to find what to use as the sealant around the fitting.  Thanks

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Two years ago I had mine apart. Since the white sealant did not get hard after 15 years, I used PTFE thread sealer, even though it was a slip fitting. I’m pretty sure that was what was used.

It was a chore getting the fitting back in the tank, even with the PTFE . Once I tightened the clamp, the fitting was secure.  If it was good enough for Monaco, it was good enough for me.  BTW, it is still tight and has never leaked.



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