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Ceiling A/C vent (Filter Grill) leaking when raining. 2011 Camelot

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Ceiling A/C vent (Filter Grill) leaking when raining. 2011 Camelot

SEARCH BOX is your friend….gasket and click on Everywhere and select TOPICS.

Here is what you need to read….IMHO.  Pull the grills off.  Use a NUT DRIVER (1/4” Square Drive) with the right size, probably deep well, socket.

Start tightening SLOWLY….maybe 1/4 turn at a time….cross tightening like on a tire.  Your’s, based on age are probably loose.  I’d sort of “feel” the resistance or torque after I did all the bolts.  You will feel the resistance as the gasket compresses.  YOU DO NOT want to go crazy and run down them more than 3/4 turn…total of 1/4 turn in three cycles.

NOW….water test.  BUT USE THIS TECHNIQUE….  You do NOT want to squirt water under the cover and force it directly on the side of the AC where the gaskets are.  ONLY in a Hurricane or a severe side blowing storm will you ever encounter that.  The theory is that there will always be a little ponded water on the roof.  NORMAL.  But it is NOT pressurized.  If you use the end or a garden hose and run that about 6” out from the cover….with someone observing (filter cover off) , then they should see s drip.  Mine is 2 years older.  I tightened them several years ago.

NOW….also be aware.  If there is a void in the caulking around any protrusion….Vent or whatever…or there is a leak on a screw (awning or solar or whatever) that water will get in and RUN and you have to chase it.  VOICE of experience.

MOST of us touch up the caulking every few years.  You thoroughly scrub the roof and caulking…use a good strong soap.  The. Rinse and let dry.

I use blue tape and mask off maybe 1/2” out from the roof vents.  When the cauking is wet, and you press, you can see bubbles from the original voids.  I coat the old and taper out.  I like the DiCor Self Leveling EPDM Lap Sealer.  It flows a little more.  Others prefer Geocel ProFlex (memory).

EITHER will work,  DO all edges and every free standing screw…like on the solar panels.

NOW, if you are slightly UNLEVEL….then water can pond in a downpour….  But the Gaskets should be OK.

That’s my advice….if you go crazy and run the nuts down many turns…..order two new gaskets and pull the AC’s and install…tighten to 40 INCH POUNDS.  Lazy Days  says more novices overthinking and overtighten and they just “PULL and REPLACE”.  Do the only less than a turn bit….test with hose or in the field…

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