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Passenger Rear Bedroom Slide Adjustment?

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Passenger Rear Bedroom Slide Adjustment?

Can anybody tell me how to adjust the rear passenger slide. The bottom Is out more than 3" further than the top. I have check for obstructions on top of slide it is clear. When clise all seals on outside are sealed. It seams it is the top that dies not seal when the slide is open. I can get my fingers between gasket and interior wall at the top. It is not sealed.

Thanks in advance




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Gary, I have the same issue on our LaPalma.  When we were at Talin for the Guardian plates, they also did some adjustments to the slide and we still have a gap at the top on the inside when extended. 
Your slide construction looks a little different from mine. For the adjustment there are 2 options: 

1) inside the storage bin are adjustment bolts to raise or lower the slide, if needed. This will not close the inside gap when the slide is extended. 
2) on the outside edge of my slide are adjustment bolts that raise or lower the outside edge of the side thus changing the vertical angle relative to the side of the  coach. It looks as if you may have something similar on your slide. 

When making adjustments you must support the slides weight using a floor jack and some 2x4s. Make small adjustments and count bolt rotations (if reversing the action is needed) so that you can see if you get the desired result. Periodically check that paint alignment is still correct, especially when raising the slideout. If the paint alignment is off then you might have to correct this. 

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from your pictures, you have a couple things going on.  First, the corner closest to you looks like it has water damage.  Unless my monitor is playing tricks on me, look into guardian plates.  Guardian plates will also help further down the slide where the rollers have dug in and done some damage.  

Second thing I noticed is the rollers look like they are digging into your slide bottom.  I believe you have rollers like this 


Verify.   Hopefully you can get to them to adjust them.       As Martin mentions, you need to take weight off of them BEFORE you adjust them.  If they are broken, you need to replace them.  I had to replace mine on that slide and it involved removing the slide from the coach.  

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