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We purchased our 2011 Diplomat DFT in 2022 and have gotten caught up on all the maintenance, at least for today, but as I have gone through the coach and looked at multiple forums it seems that my coach was built during the transition time from Monaco to Navistar. The coach does have the Cummins ISL 425 with no DEF. Quickserve says it is a 2008 engine. Any other history/details about this transition period? We love the coach and plan to use it for many more years. Just curious about its history before me. Thanks for a great forum!

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There is a topic going.  Scroll down to my post and read the HISTORY….I’ll elaborate after the link

Monaco closed the doors in the spring of 2009.  All units on the assembly line were frozen.  When Navistar took over, there was a tremendous “start up” or learning curve.  I was told this by many folks as well as the GM of an HR dealership and also his techs.  They sort of “pushed” out the 2009’s snd maybe rebadged them as 2010….but very few were even in Model Year 2010.  Most dealers, I was told, added in a “fix it for sale” to the MSRP.  Ordinaryly there was a 4 day ($1,600) item for a MH.  Monaco would NOT pay, nor would Navistar, for any KNOWN or obvious “defects” as long as the dealer had it in their inventory. BUT…once sold, warranty.  So all delaers had a 4 day - one tech charge bulit in.  The 2010 and 2011 had double that…. The assembly errors as well as the “component substitution” was astronomical.  A dealer’s personal mh took 6 weeks and at least 10 -15 tech days to fix or replace the issues…. Obviously, the longer Navistar made them and suppliers finally would “sell” parts to Navistar, the better.

As to your 08 engine. That MAY…so I’d bug REV…find out the month & year.  My memory says that Navistar did not get back into “business” until late fall 2009. Here is a link….


Next up.  MH are a different breed of cats as far as “the title goes”. You can have a newer MY and an older (emissions) engine.  Thus, yes…as strange as it seems….you PROBABLY do have a MY (early) MH with a “left over” engine (2008).  Now, remember, Monaco and Navistar was substituting engines all over the map.  I was quoted a 2009 HR with a 2009 Dynasty Jake Brake (Intake style) engine.  It got stranded during the bankruptcy and ended up as a 2010 or  maybe 2011. I chased it down wanting to know what brand of residential refrigerator it had…it’s year had changed…

SO, that’s the drill.  

Your sales brochure says ISL425.  So, right engine. Wrong year…but it was, if quickserve says so, an older calibration….maybe they found it in a dark corner of a warehouse…who knows.  

Your Owner’s manual may be, how shall we say, a bit “out of touch”.  I personally would download the 2009 & 2010 owners manuals and keep them for reference…. Maybe yours is correct? The good news….hopefully, you have a better electrical system .  Memory a bit foggier than usual. We do have 2011 wiring diagrams.  Put WIRING in search box.  Click Everywhere…select FILES from Dropdown.  Hit search.  Download the prints.  We have a member that posts and his electrical system looks a LOT like my Camelot…which it think is pretty good and ROBUST.  So, the earlier 08 & 09 Camelot/Scepter owners can help out…

That’s what I know…

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Thank you Tom! As always you and many others keep us going with your vast knowledge. Here is my data plate (PDF)Cummins QuickServe Online.pdf from my engine Quickserve acct. I think I understand most of the info but would appreciate any insight.

I have all the wiring diagrams you listed. After we purchased we contacted Monaco and they sent me all the PDF files which have been great help.

Thank you for all the help.




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