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Brake buddy won’t power up

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Trouble with Brake Buddy. 

I bought a used brake buddy and cannot get it to power on. I have confirmed 12v power going into the unit. Power goes into circuit board but not out of circuit board  

What else am I missing? Do these breakaway connections have something to do with it?


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You do not have a warranty on it anymore. So open it up and check inside. 

My BlueOx Patriot did the same and it has a 12v battery inside that died. Easy to find on Amazon and replaced it. Now it is still working and a much cheaper fix than $1500 for a new one. 
I suspect your may have a battery inside that could be replaced. 

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There is no battery in it.    It should power on and run compressor with no breakaway connection.

Brake Buddy rebuilt mine for less than 1/2 new price but they will not rebuild very old units and I do not believe they will sell a control board.

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