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Rzv Salvage Websites-beware of photos

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We are in the middle of looking for parts for our 1998 Monaco dynasty, which was wiped out on the left side by a freeway accident in California.  I suppose I should have realized this but wanted to pass it along. It is getting harder and harder to find the parts we need for the older Monacos. By the way, Monaco member Don Fleming has helped us immeasurably getting several doors from M& M.Coach in Victorville with this friend Jessie. he has gone above and beyond the call of duty and we thank him. Here's what you're up against. . . .Visione in Kentucky, the largest RV salvage yard, had a beautiful picture of a 1998 Monaco dynasty, which I will attach..it looked exactly like ours. .My wife even said boy.Why don't we buy that?And just drive it back.I called  to order some parts and they said no parts were available at all.  I said how can thst be????? you have a nice picture there on the website. he says."Well, you have to understand we have 2000 R Vs. .When rig comes in we take all the pictures but we don't have the time to update any of the pictures and that rig has all been  parted out." I called Ron at Colaw Salvage in missouri and he said it's getting harder and harder to get Monaco parts and he had nothing that would fit our rig. We're working with Arizona RV salvage and I believe they are gonna help us out on the parts but it's getting a little scary to get what you need. Keep in mind we're a tough case because we have no slides.And the rig was made in 1998. I'll put in a photo of our rig  so you can see how much it looked like the one that Visione in Kentucky had.



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I've bought several things from Visione RV in KY over the years.  For me they've been good at replying to email inquiries and had what I needed. 

It has changed since Covid, in the past you could drive right in and "look" around, they have a huge warehouse full of "Stuff", and we just meandered around. 

Last Nov I inquired about a oil cooler via email, they had it in stock and I had to make an appointment to go get it.  The gate was closed and there was a person who confirmed I had an appointment, called the office and got approval to let me in.   Went to the office and they contacted the person I made the appointment with, he had the cooler and I paid for it. 

Two trucks were delivering a couple salvaged RV's and they had 4-5 nice looking coaches parked out front that were for sale.  I looked at a nice looking Foretravel, U320, from the outside it looked pristine, walked in the the front kitchen area was burned due to a fridge fire.  


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Yes, you can't judge from the outside. I've heard about several units burned because of the fridge fire. Glad I had the Norcold fix applied to our coach.

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