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2005 Knight rr8r front bag replacement and height adj valve

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Has anyone come across a checkoff list of things to check after front bag and height adj changeout? I have checked the bag height specs for my model and year.

Today the road test at neighborhood speeds (close to idle) including braking, turning, crossing speedbumps at an angle seems to function. Air gauge runs between 85 and 110. While parked i lowered the front leveler and the bags deflated as expected. With engine off air system stays charged and verified rear bags still inflated air gauge about 85 . Retract front leveler, front bags refill and low air alarm comes in. This is my first bag change out .My goal is to do rear bags first of next year with lessons learned on front bag replacement. From time to time i have found articles (pdf) put out by companies for their employees mostly truck air systems compressors, governors, MH systems look to be similar. Alot goes on under these coaches.

Any other stress test or checks or concerns? Thanks in advance......... will be monitoring air loss or leaning the next few days . I do keep up with the air dryer and its filter over the years. Would like anything discovered before highway speeds.

height adj valve.jpg

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update ..... late last night while sitting in my favorite folding chair @ 97 degrees i thought maybe i can force a lean. being a 3 slider i placed the only front slide out with no levelers............ still holding just over 90 on pressure gauge in a.m. the last part replaced was the height adjust valve that controls all 4 bags. i attempted to disassemble old valve and it somehow failed as it spit out parts i was suprised to see a heavey spring as well as hydraulic fluid and some kind of a plunger guessing air over hydraulic to direct source air to fill bags or exhaust bag air. i assumed once i start leaning the water tanks flow towards the lean causing more leaning?........... waiting to see. Riverside Casino comps locals in slow hot months and will provide short test drive. Results i like, not knowing why troubles me.nolean.thumb.jpg.804f1f9336532753c79d62e7844f45ac.jpg

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