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  1. I just finished replacing the lift pump and installing the low pressure switch. I'm adding some pics detailing where to pick up the key on circuit and how to remove the lift pump. After priming the lift pump a few times it started. I am pleased with the operation of the led light, and ready should the pump fail on me when I'm on the road.
  2. Scottjo02. That is exactly the same as mine. Thank you. I didn't realize the lift pump doesn't power continuously during engine operation.
  3. I would like more detail please. Especially on the gauge installation. Did you dash mount it?
  4. Don't Motorhomes manufactured after 2005 have to be smogged anyway? Are we just talking about older models (like mine) that were previously declared exempt? If you had to live through 6 months of very unhealthy air, due to the fires in CA 2020, you would likely be in favor of any measures to improve air quality. I will continue to live in So Cal try to squeeze a few more grand trips in since the motorhome is paid off and still runs.
  5. 2002 Knight PBD32. Cummins ISB 24V. 106,000 M and I'm starting to get worried about the age/mileage on the Bosch VP44 high pressure fuel pump, and this unknown lift pump. My research tells me the first step is to monitor pressure off the lift pump. All the undercoating makes it hard to see if there is a nameplate.
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