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Lo & Behold! New Information from REV on my 2006 Diplomat!

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I have tried to find plumbing diagrams for my coach (Dip 40 DST) with has a bath and a half a couple of times before, and were told they didn't exist.  I had a random thought and asked for them again two weeks ago, and REV found a set and sent them to me! They also sent a complete set of wiring diagrams different (more compete) than what I was originally given.

They are now posted in the files section.

My point is that if you asked REV for something several years ago and didnt get it, try again!  Apparently they've located additional information in the last few years.  


In the drop-down, select "Schematics and motor home information", include your VIN AND Serial Number. I asked them to send all information they had on a 2006 Diplomat and got several things they did not send when I originally requested this info in 2017.

You WILL get a notice like this, but they are still very helpful to "legacy" coach owners.

"Hello! This RV was built by the previous Monaco Coach Corporation, which closed under bankruptcy in 2009. Unfortunately we have limited information regarding its construction. Attached is what we have on file. Hopefully this will help!"


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On my 3rd time (2 weeks ago) asking I got 10 different pdf's from REV, they said it is all they have but going to wait another couple months and try for paint codes and plumbing diagram. Only things I am missing.

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