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  1. So rules state we cannot talk about generalities on where our future prices might be to maintain our rigs and how we can plan for such? If someone wants to get political is that my fault for bringing the question?
  2. Sorry if this type of subject is frowned upon on this forum, but I know there are a lot of smart people on here with much more experience than me. Anyone feel like we are about to get slammed with inflation on all the stuff we buy similar or if not worse than the 70's era? Someone mentioned about waiting to check prices on tires in the fall, but I fear everything is about to get very expensive and we would be mad at ourselves if we do not buy today. Seems most people I talk to are ignorant to the problems we face with the current monetary system. Please let me know your wise thoughts and how you are preparing so we can all learn. Jarred A. 04 HR Navigator
  3. Which model tire from Toyo did you choose? And did you choose the 295/75 because it was more common + cheaper? I was looking at the M144 295/80 at tiresdirect.net for $444 each.
  4. Has anyone ever tried to restore flooded lead acid batteries with this option? Seems too good to be true, but might try it since I have some old dead batteries laying around. So nothing to loose if I properly protect myself and area? Jarred A. 04 HR Navigator
  5. I realize Scangauge D exists, but the display screen is small and limited. Is there a better alternative that can display more data/gauges real-time? Has anyone used a 9-pin to 16-pin converter for the OBD2 connectors and tried that way? Jarred A. - 04 HR Navigator
  6. Anyway you could possibly post a picture of this device/location for future reference? Jarred A 04 HR Nav
  7. Mine did the same thing. I have yet to fix but found this a while back on youtube. Jarred A 2004 HR Navigator
  8. Very nice rig. Are pre-emission rigs more desirable (higher value) than post-emission rigs like they are with earlier model F250 diesels? Jarred A. 2004 HR Navigator
  9. I have been following this and I was hoping to see someone identify maybe where the connection is for the alternator to the house batteries. That way I can just remove this connection or maybe fuse. I have not seen this mentioned yet? As a side note I have obtained new lifepo4 batteries straight from China and using third-party BMS. Much cheaper than battleborn and much more capacity. I got 8 3.2v 280Ah batteries shipped for around $1k. Bms about $100. So 7,100 watts for around $1100 compared to $1000 for 1200 watts from battleborn. Only way to go if you're going to need new batteries soon.
  10. Sorry. I suppose I wasn't clear on my explanation. Just to be clear, I cannot manually dump the "Front". The front dump button used to make a clicking noise without the hissing of air being released. But now it no longer even makes the clicking noise. All other buttons appear to work. I get the out of level alarm but the travel light is lit. I suspect it is the valve that could be stuck for the air release. I have yet to investigate further but hopefully we'll have time tomorrow. Thanks.
  11. Thank you for replying. I do not know if the front is releasing while pressing the left and right. That is a good idea for me to check out. I hear the dump hiss, but it could very well be just the rear only and not front. All the manual functions work - lift/dump on the 4 positions (left, rear, right, front) except the front dump. When i could hear the clicking on the dump for front it seemed to be coming from the manifold. I'm going to try and spray something in the exhaust ports to make sure they are not still clogged, but I'm almost positive they are clear. Unfortunately the front dump no longer activates any clicking so I'm assuming something went out. I constantly get the out of level alarm while the engine is running and even driving. But when I make a turn the alarm momentarily stops. That is what got me going on figuring out what was wrong with the HWH. Thanks a lot guys. I will report back.
  12. I have a problem with dumping my front end. Left, rear and right dump fine. No front dumping is happening. I could hear the clicking with no air release. I cleaned out the manifolds from mud daubers on the rear and the front. There were two on the rear, but I only found one manifold up front. Is there another manifold I'm missing? After cleaning the manifolds I heard the clicking for the front air dumping, but still nothing was being released. After pressing the button multiple times to try to locate the manifold there is no clicking. So I'm wondering if I might have burnt up the electronic valve now? Sorry for hijacking this thread. Jarred A. 04 HR Navigator 45'
  13. Hey all. My Tv lift and TV have no power. Breakers are all good and reset. Checked voltage on safety outlet above drivers seat - all good. Seams to be between there and tv. Anything else i am missing that would kill power to this? Thanks, Jarred A. 04 HR Navigator
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