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  1. Never have had this happen before but was Packed and ready to head south Sunday morning with a night of temperatures in teens when my alt charge light would not go off. Had used my engine heater switch on all night which I can’t ever remember using before. After several attempts at trying different solutions I final disconnected from shore power and to my amazing eyes but light with out. Someone explain what happened.
  2. Thanks everyone. I think I am going to just go with the 2 remotes for now. I am getting ready to head south in a couple weeks so will re-visit the variable tv this spring when I return.
  3. No the Samsung does not support ARC. Hopefully someone has a 40-43 inch tv with variable audio out that I can replace the Samsung with. Until then I will have to get use to 2 remotes Ivan K what brand and model tv did you buy for your outside entertainment center
  4. I can make Optical out work as long as it is variable out and not fixed. I could go into the back of the Samsung and do a red neck fix but rather find a new tv that is already there. I can always used the Samsung in my bricks and mortar.
  5. I want to revamp my sound system to simplify, the key being a TV with variable analog audio output. I will run that into a power amp, so instead of a separate remote for the receiver volume, I can just use the TV remote. The loss of fidelity will hopefully not be huge. Current TV is a Samsung 40” model UN40J6200 which claims to have variable audio out but that was a false advertisement. I love my Samsung but not sure if the new ones still have variable audio out. Also price and size is a definite consideration for this project. Bonus points if a brand has a Blu-ray player that would
  6. Yes my ABS light stays on all the time. Did for a time come on and go off but now stays on. No sure about the codes and where the light is but may go out tomorrow and tinker with it a while. Larry
  7. Found the module but it has 2 sets of wires plugged into it. Do I disconnect the wires before running test.
  8. James I can’t find any light or small black button in my FRB on my 02 Windsor.
  9. Just ordered a 9007 LED headlight kit from M4 products. After I install them I will let everyone know what I think. Probably need everyone’s help to get that done https://m4products.com/headlights-9007-v6s-headlight-kit-with-9007-hb5-bases/
  10. Yes I had thought of that but LED bulbs in an old headlight fixture does not get a lot of positive reviews
  11. Thanks Paul. Looked but not available for my 02 windsor.
  12. Paul where did you order the LED headlights from. Those are nice for sure.
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