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Considered used HVAC rooftops from Visone. Going NEW. Help with best sources or places to buy new units appreciated. Thanks.

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How long are you keeping it?  If it's gonna be sold in a couple years, used is fine.  I would buy new if you kept it longer than that.  How much are they asking?  I don't like doing business with Visone as their prices are not much cheaper than new.

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It depends. 

  • What is the make and model of your current existing ACs
  • What is the make and model of your existing thermostat?
  • What is the make and model of your new (used) visone ACs
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Only if you can get new versions. 

In 2014 I had already replaced the motor on my front AC, the original was essentially seized up, I could barely turn it by hand.  From 2016-2021 we did not use the rig much but started to use in 2021.   I started having problems with my rear AC, it took the motor out to replace the isolation bushings so thought it would be a matter of time before rear would need replacing so I started looking for a replacement, could not find one along with a replacement blower wheel.  I did find the isolation bushings and that was about it.  So I decided to replace both with 15K heat pumps.  Bought from PPL for $2750 delivered, but now the same units would cost ~$4K delivered. 

So if you buy an older used unit it may be hard to find parts.  Do not know what year Dometic changed designs but the new one is different.


But it you can find a newer set of AC's it might be worth taking a chance.  In ~Nov I went to Visione to  pick up an oil cooler and while there I looked at a 2003 Fortravel  that had fire damage, from the outside it looked great. they were trying to sell it for $40K.  I looked on top and it had 2 almost new Dometic AC's similar to what I installed in 2021.  So for the right price it might be worth taking a chance on BUT the ceiling was burned so not sure how much heat might have migrated up through the unit. 



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  • Solution

Personally NADA. 

There is no way to verify  the hours.  Most units eventually start to pull more starting amps.  Then it is either an expensive “Band-Aid” soft start change out or replacement.

The units were originally configured for the now out of date CCC (original 5 button) thermostat.  No longer made by Dometic. Thus, if your thermostat dies, then replacement with an adtemwrket is the same as a NEW CCC2 which will work with the new CCC2 network.

If the cost of the unit is more than 40% of a new Penguin II, I would not. The commercial or industry standard on used vs new is 50%…there is more risk here, so I lowered the bar…

NOW, if you are fixing up a MH to sell, with NO WARRANTEE’s then maybe.  But you would recoup at least 60 - 75% of a BRAND NEW MODERN UP TO DATE HVAC if you were peddling the MH.

Assume you are doing the work,..lf you are paying someone….case closed….buy NEW.

That’s my take…..I plan to wait until one unit dies….put in whole new system…more reliable and increases the value and I get to enjoy it…

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X2 on the cost side of it.  Visione RV prices are high, they know the value and how hard it is to get on some of the stuff.  

Got lucky on the oil cooler I bought, a new one is $1200, I paid $300 and since I paid in cash no tax. 

In 2014 I had to replace a ~8' section of the aluminum extrusion for the baggage door, the one that mounts on the side of the coach.  At the time Monaco did not have that part of it, they did have the part that mounted to the top of the basement door, I bought a 20' piece and had them cut it into 4' pieces for cheaper shipping.  I went to Visione to the the piece they cut off the side of a coach and it actually cost me more then a new 20' piece.   But you gotta do what you gotta do🤬

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We purchased our coach a few years ago, the previous owner had to replace the front unit a few months before we purchased the coach, the new unit seems to make more cool air than the old unit, I have no idea what the hours are on the rear unit but it certainly doesn’t perform as well as the new one up front. I wouldn’t spend my money or time on replacing old units with old units if you plan on keeping the coach, just my opinion. 

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17 minutes ago, StillRunning_60 said:

Tom cherry that was my feeling almost to the tee. I have owned the coach five years and the thermostat is acting up and the last time I was camping they seem to run and sound. Where is a good place to start looking new.

That depends..

First...do you have 15K's in the front and rear or do you have a 13.5K in the rear. The model number on the units and SN will tell you when you call Dometic...

I would get their recommendation. On my 40 Ft Camelot, I WISH I had more cooling.  I have two 15's and the tag axles with THREE (total of 43.5K) are a LOT more comfortable.

If you have been in extreme heat and are fine....that is great.  The Windsor may be better insulated than my Camelot...that is a Semi-Monoque design...and I don't know the subtleties of that.

If it were me, I would probably use both 15K's.  First CHECK to make sure that you have 20 Amp breakers for each one.  If so...then proceed.

Dometic has two models that folks have used.  One is the Penguin II and the OTHER is a "Brisk" model. They are virtually, I am told, totally interchangeable. I THINK that the Brisk may be a little higher on the roof...but you can do some research.

Next up..  Shop around.  Maybe some of the Members can help you.  I'll edit the title and see if other members will bite and chime in.

I personally like the package system..  The Dometics and the CCC2 Dometic thermostat. Many folks like the Microair and love the features.  My reservations are simple.  If you have an issue with the Microair, their tech support group does NOT know how to tell you to troubleshoot.  They plainly admit that.  Their usual response....reset it.  if that doesn't work....we'll swap out one.  We have had at least one member who posted here and we helped him isolate the issue.  It was actually the Control Module in one of the AC's, so Microair sending him a new Thermostat would not have made any difference. 

BUT, if you have the ENTIRE OEM Dometic package, then you can get support.  Dometic can NOT tell you, as they are not supporting a Microair system as to what to do.

In the recent case, the member swapped the control boards.  BINGO...the problem followed it....so we isolated the issue and he installed a new board.  That's it.

I would also tell you to thoroughly clean the MALE ends of the phone wires with alcohol and a Q-tip.  Buy NEW connectors.  You only have 3.  The wiring up top should be simple. The two "dangling" phone cords will be down in the plenum.  You hook up the other two (Front) and one (rear) to them. These dangling cords have NO Polarity....so you just plug them in....they are Bi-Directional. There is only ONE phone line or data cable in the rear...so it is dealer's choice.  Just make sure that you label (photograph) the hard wiring to the top.  There will be a 12 VDC line...that comes from the House Distribution box and powers EACH control Module.  That is what powers the Thermostats....there is one to each. The 120 VAC is straightforward. You PROBABLY have a remote temp sensor in the rear bedroom.  That needs to be plugged in. 

Once you get it hooked up, you HAVE to do a RESET of the Thermostat.  The new CCC2 is different from the old.  There will be instructions in the install manual.  Once that is done...you are good to go.

BTW...make sure you set the DIP Switches exactly like the EXISTING units.  The front one will NOT have a zone switch set...it is DEFAULT Zone 1. The rear will be Zone 2.  I don't know if you have an Aquahot or a furnace. However the FURNACE switch is set on each one....do it the same... 

That's all the configurating you need to do...

Many YouTube Videos on how to do it...be careful getting the unit on and off the roof...  My Wingard installer dropped the dish on the corner and cracked it...so get a helper or whatever...

Good Luck... 

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  • Tom Cherry changed the title to Considered used HVAC rooftops from Visone. Going NEW. Help with best sources or places to buy new units appreciated. Thanks.

On my 2002 Windsor I had the 13.5K BTU units.  Like mentioned previously age was catching up to them.

In 2021 I took a trip to the N Midwest and in July the temps in ND were +100F,  Running both AC's kept the RV at a balmy ~+85F, not good.  Luckily it cooled down pretty good at night. 

Then my wife took a trip and when she returned home she commented that the rear AC was making a noise.  So I added "Check rear AC" to my to do list.  So at some point I took a look and after finding I couldn't find parts I decided to replace.

I started checking options and prices which varied greatly, I wanted to go with 15K heat pumps

I found the PPL had them on sale for $1163 + tax and $150 shipping, so two cost $2716, a good price.  I did decide to buy the MicroAir thermostat, not gonna lie I didn't think about the troubleshooting aspect but luckily I haven't had a problem with and because of the Bluetooth & WIFI feature really like it.  The AC were delivered 4 days later and the thermostat on the 5th day. 

Prior to installing I took the time to inspect the duct work, glad I did, found multiple hole and found a duct joint that had never been sealed correctly. 

Install was straight forward, took pictures of the dip switches on the old AC's and set them the same on the new AC's.  The new AC's did come with a fancy plug an play connector but I didn't have the other half so just cut it off and hard wired the units in place.  I took pictures of he old wiring before I disconnected.   I did install two new gaskets a drip pans on both AC's.  The AC's connect to the duct work with slip joints.  to be able to connect and seal them I cut a large hole in the duct from below.  That way I could align the AC and then seal them with the foil type tape.  

The MicroAir was plug and play, it connected to both AC immediately and I could control the AC with the touch pat.  I then had to figure out how to connect to both Bluetooth and the router so I could check it via the internet.  This is a handy feature in that you can check on the temp of the RV remotely, and it also has alert features so if it gets too hot it's notify you. 


As far as how they work.  I've been in temps as high as 90F and I find that one AC will keep the coach cool.  So now I'll run the rear AC during the day so I can watch/listen to TV easier, and at night I'll run the front.  The New AC actually have a 3 speed fan so it does help a little, I think they might be a little quieter.   When I was in TX it was cool at night and when I left the coach, but I forgot to set the AC on.  I was ~50 miles away at ~3PM and check the temps in the RV and it was ~85F so flipped the AC on via Wifi.  When I got back ~2 hours later coach was at 75F.  Can't beat that.


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