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  1. I’m still learning about driving our 2007 Monaco knight 330 Cummins/6speed Allison-my question is when cruising down the road at 65 mph the tach is showing about 1600 rpm.what is the optimal range to work in when manually shifting for grades or low speed situations and not lug the coach or over rev the engine? What is considered excessive rpm range?
  2. This seems like a great idea after viewing the video but it would be even better if it was automatically deployed . I have seen a fire extinguisher mounted next to the rear of the refrigerator but I don’t know where to get one.
  3. welcome from a former Cali person. Sounds like a great coach and you are correct in that you will become an expert on the engineering and operation of every system on your coach. You are among a great season team of been there done that folks!
  4. Thank you for the information, looks like I will order the ESCO LPT50 BRD tomorrow. I do my best as a do-it-yourself guy but how hard is it to install? I took a picture of the IOTA ITS-50R and it has 13 bars to connect wires to, however, the ESCO unit shows just 9 connections. What was the difference in swapping out the transfer switchs?
  5. so what would be the replacement for the iota it?
  6. Luckly I have the coach stored at home with 50amp power. I run a standalone dehumidifer and check every couple of days. In addition, I set the A/C at 82 degrees in the summer and the heat pumps in the winter at 40 degrees. I have noticed the digital thermometer stays between 39 and 45 on days whens it's in the low 30's, so I think insulation is good. The nicest thing Ive noticed is how fresh the air smells in the coach- its worth the extra $30.00 a month to keep everything clean.
  7. I joined this group in February this year after purchasing our first class A. What a great site to help each other share information about these great motorhomes. Congratulations to you and all the folks that make this website possible. Great job and Merry Christmas to all!
  8. Ron-excuse me-completely off subject-who/where do i look for the clear protect "bra" on the front of your beautiful coach? thanks
  9. Steve Knight-me too!- this is a site I found for a bra cover. They have many colors and hopefully they will have a pattern for your coach. www.activervupholstery.com-let me know what you think. My concern is keeping it clean from dirt getting in behind and rubbing the paint, not to mention driving in the rain etc.
  10. Sorry about that, try this address: factoryparts@veurinksrv.com thanks Steve
  11. I had a sticking entrance door on my coach because the swing arm assembly became too worn to function as designed. The arm has a rivet in the center that becomes loose over time, you can try and peen the rivet tight but it didn't last long for me so i replaced with new. Entry Door Hinge Swing Arm Assembly I 08408401.webarchive
  12. I have the 3m coating on the front of the coach that really needs to be removed as it's life span is gone. My question is, once removed what is the best way to protect the paint. I thought about a felt backed bra/mask but not sure if that would be the best way to go-how would it do in the rain? how do you keep the dust from rubbing the paint off? etc. i have seen some coaches with a thick see thru shield- not sure of what material it's made from or how well it works and how expensive is this product? What are you doing on your coach to protect the paint?
  13. Larry- awesome coach-I'm new to this so what is the significance of the 315 steer tires?
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