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I would replace the brake fluid each year in the Bosh calipers by doing a complete flush to solve the moisture problem.

on the CAC & radiator clean Job it can be cleaned by using a Soap mixture to clean procedure that Tom posted years ago on the other forum  i think it was Dawn and Simple Green, you should do a complete flush to get all of the simple green of of the CAC .

When i had a 99 Diplomat i would wash the radiator by filling a 1 gallon sprayer with simple green & Dawn (protect the Altanator) first start the engine using the fan to shove water through both cac and rad then spray with the soap mixture of Dawn and S G ( wont hurt to rive the engine up to make sure it all the way through if its a stack system as was in the 99 Dip)then let it set for 15 to 20 min . Do this again if its really bad. Then flush with clear water real good using the engine fan to help clean off all gunk and soap.

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I am surprised that you haven't had problems with those Bosh Calipers swelling up with moisture. They were owners on the old MCOA and Monicores that had lots of problems including my SNL with them and at the time the only solution was changing the brake fluid each year to keep the moisture out of fluid. Some coaches even had them to catch fire including my SNL.

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