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Something weird is happening, I just check my EZPass statement and I noticed, for the first time, that my RV and my car are charged  every time I am going to the boot my RV is charged, which is fine and also my car is charged too.

My car is inside an enclosed trailer (which is registered with EZ-Pass a towed vehicle). These things can read the tag through the roof of the trailer?

I will take the tag down next time and put it inside those shields bags.

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Yep, it needed to be wrapped in tinfoil to eliminate it being tagged. I only have one IPASS transponder which can be used in the coach or the car or my motorcycle. It automatically knows what to charge based on number of axles and whether you are towing or not. Plus I just lay it on the dash and it gets tagged each time I go through a toll booth.

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We have 2 transponders.  One for our Motor Home and one for what ever car we put it on.  The one for the motor home stays in the motor home.  When we have our Toad hooked up to the Motor Home, The transponder for the Toad is wrapped in tin foil and in the glove compartment.

We have heard of a customer that was told to return his old transponder back to the Headquarters that is in Long Island then (maybe now also).  He was from our area near Buffalo, NY.  He put it a small package and mailed it out.  He failed to wrap it in tin foil.  The transponder went on a truck to Long Island via I-90 and registered a trip from Buffalo to Long Island and that charge got onto his bill.  The bill was resolved and that charge removed but those transponders put out a good signal and that is their job.

If you have 2 or more make sure only one will give out the proper signal and any others with you on the same trip are unable to be detected.

Stay safe, Stay well.

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