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Shore power reel

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On our last trip before COVID, the screws holding my shore power reel to the top of the compartment pulled out and the reel fell. I decided to remount the reel, however, it originally was mounted to very thin plywood backed by foam insulation. There is no wetness or rot but the plyboard is delaminating. How it held the weight of the reel and the power cord for all these years, I'll never know. I don't see a workable way to reinforce the ceiling of the compartment so I've decided to just remove the reel. I've dealt with the shore power cords on other RV's and boats and I don't find it a huge chore. Can I reuse the shore power cord? It is in good shape. Do I wire the cord directly to the automatic transfer switch which is in the same compartment? The transfer switch was replaced at a service center two years ago. Other than being difficult to get to and requiring long arms, is this difficult? Thanks in advance.

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