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Entry Steps

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I am having trouble with the entry steps on my Dynasty.  They are the two steps that are slide out on drawer type slides.

After driving thru a torrential rain storm hast fall they stopped working.  I traced it to electric problems with the step electric module that must have leaked water. 

I replaced the module, cleaned and lubed all the arm pivots.

The steps worked fine when the work was completed

The very next day, they stopped working!

I downloaded the manual on the Lippert site, but I didn't find any info to help, other than to trouble shoot the electric again.

Has anyone found any adjustment tricks or techniques?

Thank You Gary M 09 Dynasty

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Gary:  I have an 08 dynasty and I believe I have the same steps as yours.  That happened to me twice and both times it was the plastic gear in the motor.   I replaced the motor both times.  Twice in 11 years ain't that bad but it is a pain to change them out.   Does your motor keep running and the steps don't move or does the motor not come on at all???  If the motor does not come on at all, then it is probably not faulty gears but on the electrical side.  YOu can unplug the harness to the motor and supply 12v from an external source directly to the motor and see if that engages it.  If it does then you know the problem is in the switch.  when mine started giving me trouble I would "help" it along by pulling or pushing on the steps while holding the switch.  A couple of times pushing on it would get it to work.


bob L, 08 dynasty

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Gary, you have inadvertently posted this under new site comments. A moderator will probably move it where you may get more replies. 

I would say to re-check the power & electrical side.

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