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  1. I have an 08 dynasty. The windshield wiper motor died on me today in a thunderstorm. Fortunately I was able to get off the hwy until it stopped raining. Does anyone kknow the make, model of the motor. Doesn't look to be a big job to replace it. And yes, I checked the fuse. I am fairly certain it is the motor as it just slowed down until it quit. Ran for about 10 minutes then slowed down and hardly moved, then quit altogether. Thanks Bob L
  2. Had a Cummin's tech look at it and after several different tests (resistance, etc) we concluded that actuator was shot. Took it off and sure enough correct diagnosis. Cummins has a new one coming in tomorrow. The turbo looked fine; the lever moved freely with no problem. After we put it on and calibrate will post the final $$$. I did have a mobile tech come out to my bus barn who really knows what he is doing. Bob L, 08 dynasty
  3. Jim: That is a possibility Where are the resistors located on your coach; I have an 08 dynasty Bob L Thanks Jim: Found them. In same place as yours Thanks, Bob L
  4. This is the ISL; 07 engine and never has done this before. Do not lose any boost with the red light on. I started it this morning and it ran for about 10 minutes then the red light came on. Tried to call Cummins in New Orleans but all I got was answer machine. Left a message but have not heard back yet. Oh and I have 75,000 miles on the coach. It has been a great coach with no problems until now and I wish I knew how big of a problem this is cause I ran it on the hwy yesterday up to 75mph with no problem. Bob L Jim: That is a possibility Where are the resistors located on your coach; I have an 08 dynasty Bob L
  5. Went to take off for the fourth of July and got about 1 block and red stop engine light came on. Turned around and went back to the bus barn. Error code 2636 shows up which says Abnormal Update Rate to the Actuator---the data cable not sending to the ECM. So check a few things then started up again--no light. So took it out on hwy and light came on. WEnt about a mile and light went out; ran about 10 miles and still no light. So I tdurned around and went back to the bus barn. Had lunch then tdried it again. Light came back on; ran for about 10 minutes in place and light went out. Tried again this morning and no light; but it came on after about 10 minutes then would blink off and on every so often. I checked for loose connections from the actuator to the ECM but nada. Not sure what is going on; several suggestions in the Cummins manual but have not gotten any further into it. It appears that it is an intermittent thing--not sure if it is the 12V to the actuator or the data link. Anybody have suggestions?? Bob L, 08 dynasty. P. S. bus has run perfect until this happened. It only sat for about 2 weeks before I tried to take off for the 4th.
  6. Been following this discussion; was wondering if anyone had any problem getting the air out of the system. My ISL takes a lot of coolant and was just curious as to how long you keep running the engine to get the air out and should you watch for the "burb" at the coolant tank. Bob L, 08 dynsty
  7. Sometimes I turn them off but many times I will forget. Since I have very few air leaks (about 10 lbs every four or five days) I am just going to pull the fuse and forget about it. Bob L, 08 dynasty
  8. From everything I read, I come to the conclusion that there is constant 12 volt power to the aux compressor at all times--regardless of whether the Valid system is turned on or off. So if in storage, the pump will come on if pressure gets below 90 psi, even though everything is turned off. I don't like that-- so I will keep the fuse pulled. Bob L. 08 dynasty
  9. l have an 08 dynasty with the Valid (Power Gear) air levelling system. My question is this: with the system turned off should there still be power to the aux compressor. I always thought that with the system turned OFF after I level, the aux compressor would not come on. However, it does--while everything is turned off. It is not a problem with the pressure switch as that works fine; I pulled the fuse, but when I replace the fuse the compressor comes on.(with the system off) I don't think that is supposed to happen or am I wrong. Now if the system is turned ON then the compressor is energized although it may not come on because the tank pressure is ok. Thanks if anyone can answer this for me. Bob L, 08 dynasty
  10. Richard, the one in the generator compartment goes directly to the front tank; at least on my dynasty. The air from the tow truck does not go thru the air dryer on the motorhome. when you need the tow truck for air you have to hope it goes thru a dryer on the truck first.
  11. For years I have been faithfully using Mop n Glow on my roof probably every six months. However my roof is now starting to "chaulk up" and when it rains I get the white streaks down the sides. I am looking for suggestions for coating (or painting) the roof to prevent this. ANyone have the same problem and cured it?? Thanks for any info that is available. Bob L, 08 dynasty
  12. Thanks. I have the BO Aventa LX. 10000lbs which is different from the one pictured
  13. I looked at the picture and am still trying to figure out where the failure occurred. Was it where the tow bar is attached to the tow vehicle or where the bar is attached to the swivel (ball) at the coach end.
  14. Frank: thanks so much for your efforts; I just downloaded the files and no problem. The info is tremendous. Thanks again. Bob L, 08 dynsty
  15. Bill was a good man always willing to help. He programed an extra multiplex CPU for me. He will be missed. Our prayers for him and his family. Bob L 08 dynasty
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