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Audio amplifier- no power


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We have a 2007 Monaco Safari Cheetah. The audio stop working and to make a long story short, I traced it to the AMC XSA 5.1 Surround Sound Amp in the cabinet above the driver’s seat. The fuse in the amp is fine but there is on voltage to the wires coming in to it. I have checked every fuse I can find but they are all good. Does anyone know where the fuse might be?

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16 hours ago, CraigP said:

Hi Dennis, 

thank you very much for your reply!

What is a FBR door?

FRB not FBR stands for Front Run Bay and on most coaches is located in the closest outdoor compartment to the front cap on the driver's (roadside) of the coach. It is most often located beneath the window on the driver's left. It is usually shallow and contains wiring, circuit boards, relays, fuses, etc.

The label Dennis is referring to may not be on the inside of the door. It depends on the coach model and on ours is not visible unless we remove a black plastic panel held in place by three nylon wingnuts. That label is on the back side of the cover. I just posted the location of a fuse to someone on another group and here is a photo of that label on our coach.

12 AUX Fuse in FRB.jpg

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