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RVA 32 Front Leveling Jack Leaking.. Looking for a replacement

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My 2005 Diplomat 40' has a leaking Front Leveling Jack - it's an RVA "32" series jack.  I have already had the seal replaced one time last year, and at that time the hydraulic repair shop said that the cylinder was scored - he said it would eventually leak again (which it is currently doing).

I have searched the usual supply sources for a replacement:  Colaw's, Visione, Arizona RV Salvage, and RVAjack.com (Brazel's).


Everyone is currently out of stock - Brazel's is on backorder until MARCH 2021..  


I know this is a longshot, but wondering if anybody has one "laying around" they would like to sell.  I saw a previous post that a member had one for sale, but unfortunately it has been sold.


Thank you very much in advance for your help!


Josh Addison

2005 Monaco Diplomat 40'

Southern California

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There are quite a few hydraulics repair companies capable of major repairs (Machining, honing, chrome plating) on hydraulic cylinders.  I am all the way on the east coast but there are two near me.  Atlantic Hydraulics in Sanford, NC and Capital Hydraulics in Raleigh, NC.  Purchasing a new cylinder, even at a high price, is probably your best bet, but if that is not an option, scour the Internet for hydraulics repairs services near you that offer machining and total "build from scratch" services.  I believe your cylinders are single acting (retracted by springs), making them somewhat more difficult to recondition, but it might be as simple as honing to the next larger size and making a new piston.  I have done that numerous times in my life, but have not had to do it on my present 2000 Dynasty, which has RVA jacks.

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Here is one listed at Visione


I agree with Van, if you cannot source a new or used one rebuilding is a viable option.  I working in mining and this is a common practice as OEM cylinders are usually pricey and may not be in inventory.  Any decent shop can do the repair.  If it is the outer barrel of the cylinder that is scored it can be replaced and or honed and oversized piston fabricated but it may be pricey.  In some cases the mounting attachments can be reused on the new barrel.  Same thing with the stem.  If the stem is scored it can be rechromed and/or a new stem be made.  It's a fairly simple design. 

One question is though how did the jack get scored, was there a failure.  When you had it repaired was the entire system flushed and cleaned?  I have an RVA system and it is closed loop with no filtration.  If there was any amount of contamination in the system is will move toward the tank and then possibly toward the tank and to the remaining cylinders.  It is a decent design until something happens. 



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