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Ac/heat controller


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I knocked off the switch that is the selector function on our dash controller area.See Pics

anyone recognize the part, likely from GM orFORD but need any ideas to start the search

Thanks for any help






This is on an 05 Windsor 

Don B

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Guest Ray Davis

 Seems like I have read that they used Ford controls.   Now a days without a make, model, and year they can't help you.  I'm pretty sure Monaco Windsor isn't

 going to work in their computer.   Monaco bought their systems from a company that is now Victory Systems in Ft Worth, fortunately they  sell to the public through

 their affiliate Comfort Air   https://comfortairgr.com/product-category/comfort-air-motorhome-heating-parts/

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thanks, I will pull it apart and visit a dealer. Probably best to show the parts guys the product needed. I have more pics so that may help. There also is the chance that instead of buying the whole panel I may be able to get just the selector module

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