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Thank you Steve.  Do you also have the Kwikee 3step powered steps?  I'm having issues with that if you could advise.  I replaced the controll module and the door magnet.   They go in and out properly,  but the ignition override, and the lock out switch are not functioning! #sigh

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Yes, I have the 3 step Kwikee steps. I've had motor/gear problems with mine. Couldn't find the correct motor, the one recommended by Kwikee doesn't work!. Turns out we need a motor with a gear that also locks into the base plate.

I have not had issues with the ignition override - it has always worked, even when I don't want it to. (like putting down the jacks that requires the ignition switch to be in the on position - in come the steps!). I have had issues with the lockout switch - it doesn't always work as expected. 

So are you saying you have to use the lockout switch to retract your steps because they won't come in when you turn on the key? How do they work and what position?


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Okay first of all you can get the motor and the gearbox at Camping World, or etrailer. Com.I replaced my gearbox very easily. You can buy them together or separately.

But what I'm actually saying about my setup is the lockout switch doesn't seem to work at all now to keep the steps locked out. If I have the door open so the steps are actually out, if I turn the ignition on they would not retract. So basically the only thing about the steps that works is every time I open and shut the door they will extend and retract. So if I went to him to stay out I'm having to unplug it at the motor.

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I am confused a bit but -

The Steps will not retract if the door is open and your ignition is turned on. It is a safety feature that when you 'close' the door with the engine running, the steps will always close. Nothing you do with the lockout switch will override this behavior. The steps will always close with engine running. period. 

The lockout switch in one position should allow the stairs to remain out when you close the door as long as the engine is NOT running or in the accessory mode. In the other mode, it will either remain out or in, depending on where they were when you flipped the switch. It they were closed when you turned on the switch (the lockout light comes on in mine), they will stay closed. if you want them to open, you will have the flip the switch and close/open the door. If the stairs were in the out position when you flip the switch to on, they will stay out unless you turn the ignition switch on. 

At least, that is how mine work. Your switch may be bad if they don't work this way . .


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accessory mode means the key has been turned toward start but not all the way that starts the engine. You need the key in this position for the jacks to deploy/return. Sometimes there is an additional 'mode' (called accessory also) if you turn the key the opposite way. I think in that position some things might work (radio?) but not much. I think that position was created to save battery drain.

I will check my electrical diagrams but I don't think that switch has a separate fuse. Too bad you don't have a light next to the lock switch. I didn't know mine was connected to it since it never came on. When I replaced the light (just for the heck of it), it started coming on when the lockout switch was on. I think it burned out because PO used it a lot. I don't use it much because steps stay in out position as long as the engine is not running when lockout is in off position which is the way I like it.

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Hi, Finally got to my coach and found the electrical diagram for the steps. Had to break it into two scans since the book is spiral bound and 12x18. Will attach them to this reply.

It claims there are 3 fuses involved in working steps. Fuses F1, F2 and F19. F1 is 25amp and is labeled as the 'step motor'. At 25amp, I can believe that. F2 is labeled as 'step switch' and is a 7.5amp fuse. I believe this one deals directly with the switch in question and should be checked to see that it is not blown.

I have yet to understand what gives with the vacuum pump coming from the step connection but it has a fuse also (F19)

All these fuses are in your front passenger basement (right behind front wheel) and in a black box mounted on the back wall of the basement.

The wiring diagram can be used to check voltages on the proper wires before it reaches the step module.

Hope this helps! 

Step Motor Electrical Diagram.png

HR Step Electrical 1.pdf HR Step Electrical 2.pdf

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