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Alternator size


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Does anyone know the size of the alternator on a ‘05 HR Ambassador? My coach is in the shop so I can’t access it.

While I’m on the subject, what is a “smart” alternator? I read somewhere that cars and light trucks made in the last 20 years have a different design alternator from previous generations of vehicles. Could they be referring to “smart” alternators? I’d like to know the difference in these new and old alternators and what the operating characteristics are.

I may install a DCDC charger for my new lithium batteries and I think the alternator type might make a difference in what charger should be used.


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I can't answer the "size" question.  Are you asking about physical mounting size? Or output current rating?  It is best to rebuild your existing alternator since Monaco used a Duvac  system on many of their coaches for remote battery sensing and also had terminals for monitoring the alternator (Alt-Fail circuit).

I am quite sure it's NOT a smart alternator - those are designed to put minimum load on the engine, to supply only what is absolutely necessary, and certainly would not change additional batteries. They are controlled by the auto interface.  You don't want one, eccentric if they made one in the size for your coach.  Note that new car charging systems are designed to "maintain" a battery, not to recharge a dead one like in the old days. 

A DC-DC charger simply takes one DC voltage and change it to a different DC voltage.  Tree new voltage can be higher or lower, and may have special regulation on the output.  It doesn't care what kind of even IF you have an alternator - all it wants (needs) is the appropriate voltage on the input.  In your case, that would likely be the chassis battery voltage.  Granted you will need some way to maintain that voltage (alternator or battery charger) but the DC-DC charger doesn't care how you maintain the input voltage. 

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