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Dashboard teardown

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I have a question as I am trying to fix what a rat ate. I have an on going post on here about the restoration of my 1999 monaco diplomat and am working on the dashboard. The wonderful rats that decided to eat the wiring felt the need to eat the wires about as close to the connectors as possible. I am having to replace a few connectors and a board that I have no idea on. The board has some numbers on it, 305-2537 REV D and what I found it to be was a servo controller. I just do not know what it is for. Any help would be awesome. Thank you all.

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Thank you. and yes I saw that same website. I was hoping that someone had a bit more knowledge as two what exactly it does. I noticed that the heater/ a/c controls are from a 90s ford so was hoping that there was a correlation between them and this.... but thank you for the help I really do appreciate it. I did know that it would be obsolete but even if it wasn't, the board doesn't come with the connectors that are connected to it.

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