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AC Zone question


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Ok, Just changed out all 3 AC's to new Dometics and changed the thermostat to the new 10 button from the old 5 button.

Now We can't get zone 4 to pull up on the thermostat. My rear bath is zone 4 for the AH furnace to work. All other zones are working.

Is there another control board somewhere, a missed DIP switch or what?

2009 Signature Cambridge IV

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13 minutes ago, jfbolkovatz said:


This is difficult to answer as you did not list coach year model, all important.

When I went to the 10 button I needed to change the board for the real bathroom . (03 exec). I found it in the cabinet above the passenger's seat behind a false panel;.

Well actually I did list the year, coach and floorplan......BUT I will list it again.....2009 Signature Cambridge IV

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Yes, there is another circuit board similar to the ones in each ac unit.  It’s mission in life is to take the furnace signal from the ac’s and convert it to on/off signal to your furnace/Aquahot when “furnace” is selected on the thermostat(s).  It also needs to be a 10 button type like the ones in the ac’s.  
Mine is hidden behind the false cabinet wall that my thermostat is located on.   
I have to remove the shelves and the shelf standard to pry the floor and inside wall of the cabinet out.  When you enlarged the hole for your 10 button thermostat, you should be able to see a tin box that the board is mounted in.  It’s about 5x7x1 inches. 

Good luck!  

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37 minutes ago, Johnny Mo said:

I recently had the same situation on my 2009 Dynasty. You will need to find and replace the controller for your 4th zone with a new CC2 #3312020.000 (Amazon $120.00) I found mine attached to the wall behind the TV. Good Luck !

Where is your TV on that floorplan?


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