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Need Help for Replacing 1995 Model A/Cs

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I am trying to replace both (original) Dometic heat pumps (620215.421) on my 1995 Monaco Dynasty. I have contacted Dometic twice and PPL once and received three different recommended part numbers. I don't use the electric heat and so only need straight A/Cs. My thermostats are both 3105356.004 although one also controls the propane furnace. I had originally planned to do this myself but do not have access to a forklift and with the confusion over part numbers I might need to have a professional installer make the product selection. I live in the Phoenix area. Any knowledgeable advice regarding installation shops or part numbers would be greatly appreciated. Would my 7.5KW generator be able to handle two 15,000w units that would be an upgrade from the 13,500w units? Thanks in advance for the help.

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Your generator will run two 15k btu heat pumps or A/C just fine.  The current draw from 13.5k to 15k is negligible.  

The thermostat version must match the A/C version.  When you get into trouble is when you try to replace only one A/C.  Dometic makes a conversion control board for the old 5 button Comfort Control (2002-2012).  They do not make a conversion control board for the older 4 button thermostat that came in your 1995 model.  

If you replace both A/C units and  install a new compatible thermostat, you should be fine.  If you order from PPL, just tell them you need the new CC2 (Comfort Control 2) thermostat to match your new A/C.

There are several shops in Mesa that will do this for you, but it will be expensive.  And new A/C units are hard to get right now.  

You should consider staying with heat pumps as it will only be a few hundred extra and it adds versatility.  

If you stay with Dometic, you have a choice of the standard height Brisk Air II, Penguin II (low profile), or the Blizzard NXT.  

RV Air Conditioners and Parts for sale | PPL Motor Homes 

Just wanted to add there are only four bolts holding an A/C on the roof and they are accessed from inside.  The only hard part is getting the new unit up on the roof.  I used a very long ladder and pulled the box up the ladder with a nylon strap.  

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