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  1. Check out some of the Will Prowse YouTube videos on building your own Lithium battery. You buy individual cells, the bus bars and then add a BMS. You can build a battery for 1/10 to 1/2 of the already built ones.
  2. Your coach should be almost identical to mine. I installed a Samsung RF18 residential refrigerator and it was the best mod ever. Behind your fridge is a double 110v outlet. One plug is 120v from shore power and the other is from the inverter. You are correct. Plug it into the inverter socket and then you never have to move it. When on shore power the inverter has a pass through and when on batteries the inverter will operate it. There is a catch to this. If the refrigerator you choose does not operate on modified sine wave power, it will not run well on batteries unless you have a pure sine wave inverter. The Samsung runs fine on modified sine power because it inverts the power. Link to detailed install: http://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/samsung-refrigerator-install-in-2004-monaco-signature-356096.html
  3. I think your Trace inverter-charger is recharging your house batteries and the original maintainer is only charging the chassis batteries. It's been a while but I'm not sure the 1997 model had a bidirectional system to join both batteries. Monaco originally used two of the large 8D sized house batteries. I did not have good longevity from the 8D batteries and replacing them was expensive. I used four 6-volt golf cart deep cycle batteries with each two wired in series and paralleled to the other two. It's a bit of a challenge but I managed to fit them in the original battery tray. This system produced better performance and lasted much longer. A modern option would be to build your own 13.2v LiFePO4 battery packs.
  4. Simonson Generator repair in Tucson is excellent.
  5. Your 2005 should have come from Monaco with Allison Transynd. It will have a yellow tag on the dipstick under the bedroom floor saying "Service with Transynd". Transynd is getting difficult to locate and very expensive. You can use any TES295 spec trans fluid. Mobil Delvac 1 is easier to find and less expensive. Check Summit Racing online. The filters are internal in the bottom of the oil pan. You will see two round covers bolted to the bottom of the trans oil pan. Remove these bolts and the cover will come off with the filter. Allison has short and long filters. motor homes use long. I attached the Allison filter change guide. It is loaded with great info. Allison Transmission filter change.pdf
  6. I had a similar issue with our HWH control panel. I sent it into HWH for repair and it came back very fast. Looks brand new and was very reasonable. The only downside to this is you need an RMA number before you send it in and they are so busy it will take some time to get.
  7. The A/C compressor is used for defrost mode to dehumidify. However, if you haven't used it for 14 years chances are the seals have dried and the R-134 refrigerant has leaked out.
  8. If it's the outside belt, pull it off for now. I'd also get some PB Blaster and spray it on the adjuster.
  9. Monaco used Accuride wheels with a proprietary hole shape. In 2009 Accuride stopped making the Monaco style wheels. Some coaches came with coated wheels and some with a bare polish finish. XP= high polish, SP= standard polish, and adding a "C" after makes it coated. If you have 295/80-R22.5 tires, the wheels are 8.25" wide X 22.5" diameter. In 2009, the coaches with 315 front tires came with 9" wide X 22.5 wheels. https://www.accuridecorp.com/
  10. No. The dryer is 240 volt and the AC is 120v. However, the AC does share a breaker with the washer. It is supposed to load share. It should automatically cut the power to the shared AC when running the washer. You have an Intellitec load sharing relay somewhere, probably in the closet. Also, do not confuse the Kongsburg chassis multiplex with the Intellitec house multiplex. Two separate systems. Hope this helps.
  11. I've replaced the tank quantity sensors and calibrated the system on all of my Monaco coaches. It's a challenge finding the sensor. The key is following the gray phone cable. There are two sources for the sensor. http://www.catconproducts.com/RV-sensor.html http://www.nwrvsupply.com/product/16622728.html
  12. Do you have the two original Dometic 5 button Comfort Control thermostats? The front one controls the front AC and the rear controls the other two? Will all three cool on AC? Have you tried deselecting Aqua Hot electric on the kitchen Intellitec switch and then try the heat pumps? Have any of your AC/Heat Pumps been replaced? Are you certain all three are heat pumps? Have you checked and reset all three AC circuit breakers? You can try a thermostat reset. Turn off the black slide switch on the bottom (slide forward) of the thermostat. Then simultaneously hold the top Mode button and the bottom Zone button while sliding the on/off switch on. You will see FF in the display. Reset both thermostats. Select Heat Pump on all three zones. Wait 5 min and all three should come on. If the above doesn't fix it, then the control board dip switches should be checked. This is especially true if any have been replaced. Turn the thermostats off before you make any dip switch changes and make sure you perform a reset after making changes. There's a row of small dip switches on each AC control board. These determine the zone as well as if it's a heat pump or if it has an electric heat strip. The control board is accessed from the roof. Remove the plastic shroud, then a small metal cover on the right front of the AC. The control board is inside and each switch is labeled. All three should be checked to make sure the zones are set correctly (none of them have the same zone number and they are sequential) as well as the heat pump option is selected. For a diagram of the dip switches, look at Fig 23 (page 13) on these instructions: 6/14/18 640312 640315 CCC 2 3312020 Electronic Control Kit Ducted 3105007 Air Conditioner Installation Instructions (dometic.com) Best of luck!
  13. They all 3 should work at the same time. The washer is tied to one AC, usually zone 2. The dryer is 240V, so its separate. The heat pumps will not work if you have Furnace (Aqua Hot) selected on any other zone. We can get deeper when you have explored this.
  14. Our transmission dip stick and filler tube are under the bedroom hatch. Also, be careful what transmission fluid they use. Most commercial truck places do not use Allison Transynd as it is priced very high.
  15. John Carrillo is one of the best Aqua Hot technicians. He helped me last year with an intermittent issue. His shop is across the street from the Aqua Hot factory. He also has good pricing on parts. https://heatmyrv.com/ CONTACT JOHN CARRILLO (970) 518-3085 Heat My RV 8245 W I-25 Frontage Rd Unit #5 Frederick, CO 80516 jcarrillo@HeatMyRV.com
  16. Paul, it sure sounds like the check valve. What else could it be? It wouldn't hurt to install a new one. Cold weather is coming on and the dealer service is backed up for some time. Chuck, yes a propane furnace will work just fine. However, the Aqua Hot provides unlimited hot water and can run from 120v electric, diesel (150 gallons onboard), or will even produce heat from just driving or running the main engine. Also, the heat is different from a propane furnace. Propane superheats the air and dries it out where as the Aqua Hot does not. Much easier on the skin and lungs. It's one of those things that you don't know what you are missing until you use it.
  17. Are they 5/8" or 1/2"? Size of the stud, not the hex nut. Grade 8, 1/2"NF is 90 ft. lbs. I used this chart: Bolt Depot - US Recommended Bolt Torque Table
  18. Buy a piece of carpet and cut it out using the old one as a pattern. Then take it to the carpet shop and have binding sewn around the edge. They can even add the rubber pad it you want.
  19. Dick, thanks for posting. What BMS did you use? I think we are just seeing the first of many price reductions on LiFePO4 cells. David, if you watch the Will Prowse YouTube videos he tests some "B" grade cells with very good results. The problem is within a few days after his video is published the price skyrockets or they run out of stock.
  20. Call Source Engineering. These guys were managers at the Monaco plant back in the day. Source Engineering Inc | Custom RV Chassis | Eugene, OR (sourcerv.com)458-207-944225375 Loten WayVeneta, OR 97487
  21. Brett, 2009 was the first year for Monaco installing a 315 front tire on the Signature and Marquis. Prior to that they used a 295/80-22.5. Several of us with older coaches have installed 315 front tires. I explain this because the chassis is the same and I doubt you can fit a 365 tire on the right front. When the steering is turned left, the right front 315 sized tire is very close to the airbag mount. A 2008 Navigator owner said the 315 did not fit his coach. (I suspect it was not at ride height). I think there is a close equivalent to the 295/80-22.5 in a Super Single for the drive axle. They are expensive, but have a lower rolling resistance and will save on fuel mileage. To answer Jim's question as to why a larger tire. The larger size front tires have a higher load range at a lower tire pressure and ride better.
  22. I just replaced our 6-volt deep cycle house batteries. They were NAPA GC-2 deep cycle six volts that came highly recommended. They did not last well. After only two years they were marginal and I replaced them at the three year point. I almost went with a build your own lithium battery setup but the cells to make them were backed up 6 months. I estimated this option at $1000. Search You Tube for Will Prowse videos on making your own LiFePO4 batteries. (1007) DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse - YouTube Sams's Club has Duracell and Costco has Interstate GC-2 golf cart batteries. Sometimes you can find them for $89. You may also find less expensive ($179) AGM 6-volt batteries there. I went with Trojan T-105 golf cart batteries. They are made in the USA and I found them at our local golf cart store for $129 each. In our previous coach I had Trojan batteries that lasted almost 10 years. The down side is they need periodic watering. Another good battery is Lifeline GPL-4CT ($360) or GPL-6CT ($460). They are AGM type, will last well and not require water. If they fit the budget they are probably the best conventional battery. Make sure you take pictures and also draw the wiring connections. Hope this helps.
  23. Any good hydraulic shop can make a new hose. Even our larger NAPA store makes them. The only problem with this is you have to take the original off and take it in for them to duplicate. And yes, you do not have a Freightliner chassis. Monaco built their own Roadmaster chassis at the Oregon plant. Much better than a Freightliner.
  24. Just a maybe. Some of the new diesel coolants are not compatible with the older coolant level sensors. Our Windsor had a round aluminum rod in the top of the coolant overflow tank with one wire attached. After we replaced the coolant I had to periodically remove the sensor and clean it with WD40 and a Scotchbrite pad.
  25. The Banks Power Pack is a great addition to the ISC. It should tow your truck just fine. Keep an eye on the coolant and trans temperatures when climbing hills on a hot day.
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