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  1. That should work. There may also be some unused fuse terminals that will work. Another 2009 Signature owner said the folks at Premium Coach Group in Gilbert were able to work on the Kongsberg system.
  2. You've thought through it well. Raise the coach all the way up on the air suspension. Then use jack stands just in case. I use a small floor jack to hold the steering box up in place. Spray some PB Blaster on the nuts and bolts the day before. This is a link to several if not hundreds of swaps. Most of these are swapping from a Sheppard steering box, but the principal is the same. Steering Box Play- Sheppard M100 SHIM or Swap for a TRW ? - iRV2 Forums
  3. 4 Seasons 33276. Cost was $25. The same one as used in a Kenworth.
  4. Its in the last basement bay inside just beyond the water pump.. But, there is a stainless steel enclosure around the Aqua Hot. Remove the top half of the enclosure. The controller is clipped to a bracket on the pump. To remove the enclosure you enter the next bay forward, passenger side and side a divider back
  5. I just replaced our expansion valve last week. It is up front above the generator. It has two black AC hoses connected with some black A/C insulation foam over the B nuts. I first removed the hoses. Then peeled back the insulation and broke the nuts loose and it came right off. I had to buy some new green orings when i reinstalled the new one. Part number: EGELHOF AC Expansion Valve 1268300384 / 0751.0003A 321300S Picture attached.
  6. I also have a 2004 model Monaco. We have A/C ports both up front and in the rear engine compartment. You can spot them by the red and blue plastic caps over the Schrader valves. I used the vacuum pump on the port up front for about 30 min and then moved it to the rear engine compartment ports for another 30 min. Then recharged from the rear port. Also, the dryer is up front just to the left of the generator and the system takes 4lbs of R134a.
  7. Just a guess. Maybe the transmission speed sensor? Its on the rear of the trans which is towards the front on a diesel pusher. I'd check the wires coming out.
  8. Link to another thread with pictures and part number for the catalyst muffler: https://www.irv2.com/forums/f124/acert-delete-406164-4.html
  9. For a lot of us the weights vary day to day. Some gauges are not arcuate and scales will vary. I add 5psi for a safety factor. It's better to be over than under.
  10. Brent, that is one of the nicest flooring installs I've seen. Looks fantastic! How long di you need the coach for that install?
  11. You can contact Paul at AZPETE. He works for HWH and can answer your questions. His email ispfmaddox@att.net and his phone number is 602-549-3638. Sounds like your leveling sensor may need adjustment. See this link for replacing and adjusting the leveling sensor. https://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/repairing-hwh-2000-series-leveling-system-in-a-monaco-coach-389075.html
  12. I signed up for home but probably will not get it until later this year. The RV service will be a major break through.
  13. First try the simple fix. Remove all power from the coach and shut off the batteries and inverter. You should have an Aqua Hot system reset on the light display board,. Do a reset (make sure you cycle the power off/on first). Then with power back on, cycle the main diesel burner switch off/on a couple of time. You should have been able to turn the thermostats off (black slider switch under the thermostat) and turn off the front blower fan.
  14. Rick is the original Eaton integration engineer that worked with Monaco to install the Vorad system back in 2003. He knows the system inside and out. He still has a work bench and can reprogram your ECU to the newest version. Make sure to tell him if you have diamond or round shaped side sensors. It's a great system and the new coaches are only just now catching up with a smart cruise system.
  15. The main issue with replacing Monaco diesel coach seats is the seat belts are built into the seat.
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