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Bose surround sound died...

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I replaced the dash radio with a Pioneer unit with a flip up screen.  Got to thinking how good the screen was so I had the back up camera plugged into that unit so now I can have the back up camera showing all the time.  When turn signals are used the Aladdin screen in the Sony monitor shows left or right cameras.

Safe travels


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Haa.. I was about to ask the same thing.. sounds like a good idea.. the old system have 4 or 5 separate units to get the job done and I think we can save many pounds and get some space in thedash too  🙂

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Sorry about the delay,  was traveling...

The radio is a Pioneer AVH-3300NEX...  It is 2 yrs old but probably any radio with "Camera View" would.  I got it to play Sirus radio while traveling.....

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